Plumbing Service Rates in Dickinson, TX

We charge reasonable hourly rates for service work (repairs and drain stoppages, etc.), estimates are given on larger jobs. Water heater pricing quoted right over the phone!

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For most services we can quote a price range right over the phone so call us today!
Hourly Rates Vs. Estimates
Our company opts to charge hourly rates (time and material) for repair work and drain stoppages because it saves our customers money and helps us operate more efficiently.
screwing plumbing fittings in bathroom - Dickinson, TX
When a company offers free estimates on smaller jobs like repair and drain stoppages, they have to pad that estimate (increase the price) to account for fuel costs, payroll, etc. for those free estimates. Additionally, a "worst case scenario" price is typically quoted, which also increases the price. This is necessary when you are required to give the customer a guaranteed price. While some people like knowing exactly what the cost will be before the work is done, in many situations it ends up costing them more than what is necessary to actually do the job.
We have also found that a large amount of companies in the plumbing industry have now switched to paying their employees based on commission. It is also important to mention that many of these types of companies send their employees to "sales training", which focuses highly on "up selling" to the customer instead of just taking care of the job at hand. In these scenarios you have to be careful as a homeowner that work that is quoted or advised is reasonable or even needed. When companies use this business model, management has much less control and employees receive their paycheck based on a commission percentage of the total work they "sell".

To sum it up - the customer will usually save money when they opt to have their work done at an hourly rate (time and material) - as long as the hourly rate is reasonable. And that is exactly what we offer.

We are also aware that many people have been "stung" by other contractors in the past in various trades, and are therefore hesitant to hire a company when they don't have a set bid price they can count on. So how do we bridge this gap? You don't want to take the higher bid prices that are inflated to cover company costs to pay gas and technicians to go out and give free estimates along with worst case scenarios built in, (or worse, commission paid employees either "up selling" services or inflating costs for a higher commission %) but you also don't want to go in blind either.

Well - this is what you do! Give us a call so we can discuss in depth what plumbing services you need and we can give you an idea of what to expect for your repairs in most cases right over the phone.